The company Frank Turbines now has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and development of turbojet engines. At the company founded by Alfred Frank, close customer contact, high engine reliability, and support of competitions and test pilots with engines as well as high transparency in performance specifications are of great priority. We still adhere to these principles today. We and our partners have a pronounced practical understanding and serve every division of engine production. Theory and practice go hand in hand with us. The engines are constantly subject to improvement in terms of new materials, higher performance, and improved manufacturing options.

The principle of reliability as well as the simple design of the engines is not deviated from here. Quality and customer proximity, coupled with fast and affordable solutions for our customers, are a consistent recipe for success. The combination of education, the latest production, constant further development, and the philosophy of Frank Turbines to work as closely as possible with the customer will continue to have great importance for us in the future.

On behalf of the entire team,
Ing. Mario Pasqualini

Our Team

Ing. Mario Pasqualini
Managing Director
Alfred Frank
Company Founder

FT250 and FT270 turbojet engines

Dipl.-Ing. Sandro Bombek
Development Engineer

Technical Development, Service, Thrust Tubes

Marco Ambacher

Engine Maintenance

Ryan Schröder

Benelux, France, and South America

Frank Schröder

Benelux, France, and South America

Kurt Tötsch
Sales and Test Pilot

South Tyrol and Italy

Pascal Neumann
Development Engineer

Project Management Turbofan Engine

Dipl. Ing. Dr. Oliver Schennach
Consulting and Development

Turbine Design and Optimization

In cooperation with Enata Aerospace.

Company History

  • 1992
    First attempts by company founder Alfred Frank to produce a running model jet engine with the help of the FMT plan by Dipl. Ing. Kurt Schreckling. These experiments form the basis for our development.
  • 1992-1994
    Construction of the combustion chamber by Dipl. Ing. Kurt Schreckling. In 1994, the first successful flight was made with a Turbotrainer.
  • 1995
    Construction of the first TJ 66 according to the plan by Thomas Kamps using a turbocharger wheel and a self-made turbine wheel. 5 kg of thrust
  • 1997
    Construction of the TJ 67 with an enlarged compressor wheel and Golden West turbine wheel.
  • 1998
    Development of the TJ 70.
  • 2000
    Foundation of the company Alfred Frank Modellturbinen, development of the TJ 70/16 and the TJ 74. Launch of the TJ 70 for sale.
  • 2001
    Launch of the TJ-70/16 for sale.
  • 2002
    Development of the TJ-67-mini and the TJ70 Raptor.
  • 2003
    First presentation of the TJ-70 Raptor prototype with 19 kg of thrust at the Jetpower.
  • 2005
    Development of TBS 400 by Robert Sturtzkopf
  • 2006
    Development and sales of TJ-74S
  • 2007
    Development of FT300 Hercules
  • 2008
    Launch of sales for TJ-70 Raptor/ FT300 Hercules
  • 2011
    Name change of TJ-70 Raptor to FT 180; TJ-70/16 and TJ-74S to FT 160
  • 2012
    Further development of FT 180 to FT 220
  • 2015
    Development of FT 250
  • 2017
    Acquisition of the company by Ing. Mario Pasqualini, Innsbruck
  • 2020
    Development of FT 500. Recruitment of additional technicians and new suppliers for expanded engine production. Start of sales in the USA through collaboration with Ultimate Jets, Woody Lee. Sales and service in Texas.