Bild FT250

The FT180 is a further development of the former FT160. It is the lightest engine in this thrust class and produces a thrust of up to 19 kg depending on the conditions. An additional increase in thrust is possible with a special Frank thrust tube.

 3.150,- € per piece*

Description and Data

The engine is supplied including the accessories required for operation. This includes: Electric starter, ECU ProJET Hornet III, fuel pump, fuel shut-off valve, felt pendulum (for hopper tank) and brass pendulum (for main tank), mounting clamp, and intake guard. Batteries, RC system and fuel/oil are not included in the set. The variant with a brushless pump is available in the order form for an additional charge of €150.

Length 330mm
Diameter 112mm
Weight 1630g (1900g incl. ECU)
Thrust @ 1900ft MSL, 940-950 hPa, 15-20°C 9-178N
Operating speed (RPM) 35,000 - 123,000 rpm
Acceleration time approx. 4s
Compression rate 3
Exhaust temperature 500-685 °C
Fuel Kerosene/diesel/petroleum
Fuel consumption approx. 650ml/min
Lubrication 5% oil in fuel
Maintenance interval 25 hours of use
*The price includes VAT and is without shipping. The shipping costs are calculated individually for your request/order.