Bild FT500

The FT500 is designed for professional use. The built-in ECU control unit is redundant, the starter and fuel pump are designed in BLDC technology and installed directly in the engine. The simulation and component calculation of the highly stressed components as well as their design for increased safety factors give the engine additional operational safety even in long-lasting high stress conditions.

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Description and Data

The engine is supplied including the accessories required for operation. This includes: electric starter, ECU Pro version, fuel pump, fuel shut-off valve, felt pendulum (for hopper tank) and brass pendulum (for main tank), mounting clamp, and intake protection. Batteries, RC system and fuel/oil are not included in the set.

Length 410mm
Diameter 170mm
Weight 4200g (4400g incl. ECU)
Thrust @ 1900ft MSL, 940-950 hPa, 15-20°C 20-500N
Operating speed (RPM) 26,000 - 83,000 rpm
Compression rate 3,8
Exhaust temperature 520-720 °C
Fuel Kerosene/Petroleum
Fuel consumption approx. 1600ml/min
Lubrication 5% oil in fuel
SFC @ max RPM (kg/Nh) 0.146
Maintenance interval 25 hours of use