Bild Flowmeter

The fuel consumption of turbine-powered models is measured with the flowmeter, and these are made available for transmission on the telemetry return channel of the respective remote control system. Thus, the model pilot is informed at all times about the current consumption/tank contents. Depending on the remote control system, alarm thresholds (reserve, turbine OFF) can be set in the transmitter or in the flow meter. The consumption/tank content can be reset via a separate servo channel - so the display of the actual consumption/tank content would not be a problem even after disconnecting a so-called "taxi tank" after the start phase.

 162,- € per piece*

Bild Flowmeter
    The VSpeak Flowmeter is available in 4 variants:
  • FLOW meter 1.0 . . . for turbines up to 180N
  • FLOW meter 1.6 . . . for turbines up to 300N
  • FLOW meter 3.0 . . . for turbines with integrated pump or >300N
  • FLOW meter E . . . . without sensor, for flow sensor provided by customer

Selection of fuel connections:

Bild Flowmeter

Please let us know the variant of the flow meter and the fuel connection in the text area of the order form.

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